Leadership goes beyond what you know . . .
. . . it’s about how you show up.

The essential pillars of effective leadership are substance + style, competence + connection, and content + delivery. Good leaders have a strong core knowledge that is communicated through their own distinctive style.

The Leadership Style Center addresses the issue of distinctive personal style by providing tools and techniques for emerging leaders to confidently project their core knowledge visually and verbally.

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • You are challenged to motivate and retain your best employees.
  • Your leadership development efforts don’t fully address your emerging leaders’ challenges.
  • Employees are held back because their appearance lacks professionalism and polish.
  • Your emerging leaders interacted with others or conducted meetings in a way that did not match their level of competency.
  • Your employees lack critical information, despite receiving relevant communication.
We can help you
  • Develop leaders that represent your organization with more confidence and polish
  • Create an improved work environment through smoother running departments and teams
  • Improve employee development and retention